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Meet the founders of The Pump, Josh and Ethan!

Welcome to our private personal training gym, where community is at the core. Beyond being a workout space, we've created an environment centered on connection, support, and shared goals. It's about more than just individual fitness sessions; it's about building relationships and a sense of belonging. Experience personalized training and a tight-knit community that encourages and celebrates every fitness milestone. Welcome to a gym where community matters, let's make this a team effort.

We founded this gym with a simple belief: everyone deserves access to personal training without 

breaking the bank. While fitness is often  seen as a solitary journey, we want to change that narrative. Here, stepping through our doors means joining a community—where members aren't just clients but friends or healthy competitors. We encourage each other, face challenges together, and achieve results guided by our dedicated trainers. Because at our gym, fitness is a shared journey, not a solo venture.

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