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Coach Sam

Bodybuilding and Nutrition

I have been passionate about health and fitness for over a decade now. I have years of experience in resistance training, plyometrics, calisthenics, sports training and more. After being diagnosed with celiac disease and having declining health so young, I begin looking towards nutrition for a cure as well as a coping mechanism and begin my journey with functional resistance training. I became intrigued by how body composition and health was positively affected and with that, came new found strength, energy and passion.

I attended the university of Lethbridge for a bachelors of science and arts and kinesiology and psychology. From there, I completed my personal training certification and this has encouraged me to share my knowledge. I coached myself for my first three bodybuilding competitions where I received three gold medals and a pro status. From then on, I had multiple sponsorships and was further inspired by bodybuilding competitions. I now have five gold medals, entered a national level and striving to receive my IFBB pro status for natural bikini.

My ideal client is someone with goals whatever they may be. I enjoy a bit of a challenge. I like to train my clients hard but, I also believe rehabilitation is just as important as strength and hypertrophy training.

if you don’t see me in the gym training, I’m probably out hiking, fishing or skiing. I’m grateful to be part of such a growing community, and I look forward to continue learning and sharing my knowledge with others. I look forward to seeing our progress. Now, enough about me… we got work to do.

Find me on Instagram @samanthadnichols

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