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Coach Ralph

Bodybuilding and Nutrition

Hi, my name is Ralph.

I am a Personal Trainer deeply impassioned by sports and fitness! My lifelong participation in organized sports teams has afforded me invaluable experiences that have shaped my understanding of work ethic and dedication. Having been engaged in various high level sports such as basketball, football, soccer, track and field not only allowed me to expand my skills, but also instilled in me a profound appreciation for the indispensable role of commitment in achieving excellence.
Embarking on my personal fitness journey in 2015, I've accumulated extensive knowledge in weight management, nutrition, supplementation, rest, and overall well-being. This journey culminated in my participation in the prestigious NPAA Canadian Nationals Pro-AM bodybuilding competition in May 2022, where I proudly secured 1st overall in men's physique. Subsequently, at the TNT Muscle Showdown, I achieved a commendable 3rd overall placement in the same category.

My aspiration is to leverage the wealth of knowledge garnered throughout my fitness endeavors to assist others in achieving their fitness goals, while guiding them methodically towards success.

Find me on Instagram @ralphifitness

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