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Coach Marisa

Functional Training, Crossfit and Olympic Weight Lifting

Hi! I'm Marisa!

Fitness has been part of my life since I can remember. I grew up as a jack of all trades, playing soccer and basketball, dancing, and running track and field. Through University, I played soccer and rugby, with my main focus being bodybuilding. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Biology in 2017. Around that same time, I plateaued through my diet and training and was searching for something to re-ignite my passion for fitness. I met my olympic weightlifting coach, and from there started my journey with Crossfit and Weightlifting; competing in multiple individual, partner, and team competitions.

My belief is to help people find balance in their life. You can still be in shape and enjoy travelling, family & relationships, work, and fun. I want to help people have a good relationship with their eating and fitness habits through mindset work. Fitness for me looks like being able to move furniture without pain, running after your kids on a sunny day, or being able to try new things like surfing or hiking without worrying about being "fit enough to do it." With functional training also comes building muscle, cardiovascular health, losing fat and living a happier, healthier life. Another little fun fact? I love working with seniors who want to stay in shape and individuals who have never worked out before - building a solid foundation from the start is essential in a healthy lifestyle. Together, we can come up with a blueprint that works for you.

FInd me on Instagram @thelazylifterlou

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