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Coach Eddy

Boxing and Muay Thai

My name is Eddy and I am a boxing trainer. I have been training in boxing and a variety of mixed martial arts including from muay thai and jiu jitsu for over years. I have had the opportunity to compete throughout Canada and in Asia. Additionally, I have been fortunate to work with many trainers and professional mixed martial artists affiliated with notable organizations such as the UFC.

I take pride in my ability to quickly make my clients comfortable and motivated to reach their personal goals. Many of my clients describe our sessions as fun and physically and mentally challenging.

I strongly believe in the importance of self-defense. Having experienced bullying during my own upbringing, I can attest that the confidence that comes with the ability to defend oneself is unmatched. It is important to ensure you and your loved ones have the skills needed for security, along with a fun and healthy way to stay fit.

Find me on Instagram @hermesboxing_calgary

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